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Reviews On The New iPhone

It’s been a week since the new iPhones have been revealed and that means the critics are coming out with their reviews – the good, bad, and ugly!

From ABC News (abc.com), here are some thoughts from one of their journalists that played around with the iPhone 5S and 5C:

When I got my hands on Apple’s new iPhone 5S, one of the first things I tried was a feature that allows you to bypass the passcode using a fingerprint.  The fingerprint sensor alone is worth the extra $100 you’ll pay for the 5S over an iPhone 5C. Both phones will come out Friday. In the week I’ve had with both, I’ve also been impressed with the better camera and slow-motion video in the 5S.

I’ve read a bunch of articles about people being upset over the fingerprint feature and I don’t know why.  Some are saying it’s another ploy the government is doing to keep tabs on us.  Ummmm, ok.  BTW – the feature is optional!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Here’s a breakdown of the fingerprint option:

When you set up the 5S, you’re asked to tap the home button with a finger several times so the phone can create a mathematical representation of your print. To unlock the phone, you simply tap the home button, and the phone will compare the two taps. You can tap from any angle, even sideways or upside down. This fingerprint ID also works as a way to authenticate the purchase of apps and content within apps.  For security reasons, there are still times you’ll need your four-digit passcode, including after 48 hours of inactivity and before adding a new fingerprint. If the phone fails to recognize your print, you can always use the passcode.

I like the idea of using the fingerprint to confirm the purchase of apps.  I have changed my password so many times because I have forgotten it and didn’t write it down anywhere.

The 5C, meanwhile, is largely last year’s iPhone 5 with a plastic casing instead of aluminum and glass. This isn’t cheap plastic, but a type offering the slippery feel of a shiny ceramic tile. It comes in five colors.  Both phones come with iOS 7, the most radical change to Apple’s operating system software for mobile devices since its 2007 debut.

For me, I like the idea of the plastic casing.  I keep a protective cover on my current iPhone, but sometimes I wish I didn’t have to use one.  The 5C would allow that AND I could get it in a fun color which would also eliminate the need for a fun cover.  I don’t change my covers frequently, so I don’t really need one.

What are your thoughts?  Are you planning on getting the 5S or 5C?


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