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Kristen Wiig Breaks Up With Drew Barrymore’s Ex

Taylor J.

Kristen Wiig is, in my opinion, the funniest female in entertainment.  You never hear scandalous stories about her and her private life is never discussed.  It’s quite refreshing.  Right now, the lead story on People.com and on Usmagazine.com is the fact that she has broken up with her boyfriend of a year and a half.  Who knew she was dating someone?!  I didn’t.  It turns out,  she had been dating Drew Barrymore’s ex for the past year and a half!  His name is Fabrizio Moretti and he is the drummer for the Strokes.  Immediately, I recognized that he had dated Drew for a long time.

Kristen and Drew starred in Whip It together.  They are clearly friends.  In fact, Drew has been joking about the incestuous nature of Wiig’s relationship with Moretti since she used to mock Drew on SNL!

If my friend was dating my ex, i’m not sure if I would be able to make jokes!!!

In fact, a friend and I had a discussion over the weekend about this very subject.  We both agreed that we are very forgiving and laid back in terms of our friendships with people.  We decided that the ONLY unforgivable thing a friend could do to either of us would be to date one of our exes!

So – what do YOU think?  Do you think that it could ever be ok to date a friend’s ex?  Drew Barrymore is now married and a mom and completely happy, so I can understand why this isn’t a big deal to her.

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