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Viral Video: Son Tracks Down Father’s First Car As Surprise Gift

Even if your son is a worthless disappointment who’s just been drifting through the precious life you gave him, something like this makes up for ALL of it.

Twenty-four years ago, a man in Indiana named Rick Lookebill had to sell the first car he ever owned . . . a 1972 Ford Mustang Mach 1. So, not just any car, a SWEET car.

And apparently Rick never forgave himself for it, because he’s been trying to track it down ever since. Recently, he stepped up his efforts but still had no luck.

But what Rick didn’t know was that his son had already FOUND the car in Florida, told the story to the guy who owned it, and bought it back.

Then he drove it from Florida to Indiana . . . and surprised his dad by parking it in the front yard and revving the engine.

Apparently the whole family was in on it, because they had the camera ready to catch his reaction . . . which was basically childlike excitement, followed by some crying.

(Don’t miss his reaction at 1:30, and the crying around 3:05.)

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