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Jill Devine

I have often wondered what type of job celebrities had before they became famous.  You often hear that most celebs were waitresses/waiters while trying to make it big.  Yahoo.com released an article on certain celebs and the jobs they held before they were famous.  Check it out:

  • Gwen Stefani – Before No Doubt’s success, lead singer Gwen Stefani was “Just a Girl” serving ice cream at a local Dairy Queen.  She and older brother Eric, a No Doubt founding member, took turns dishing out soft serve to customers.
  • Madonna – When the “Material Girl” landed in New York City in the late 1970s, she took a job at Dunkin’ Donuts to pay the bills. As the story goes, Madonna had $35 to her name and struggled against the city grime. Meanwhile, she continued to audition for dance troupes, formed a few bands, and by 1984 was on her way to fame with a solo record deal.
  • Kanye West – Before he rapped “Through the Wire” and became a regular on “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” Kanye West started out in customer service at the Gap.
  • Queen Latifah – Before crossing over from music to the big screen, Queen Latifah started out flipping patties at a local Burger King. She started at 15, but didn’t stay long. By 18 she was beat-boxing for the female hip-hop group Ladies Fresh. She recorded her solo rap debut at 19.
  • Macy Gray, Faith Hill, Pink, and Shania Twain – What do these female music superstars have in common? They all worked for McDonald’s. Sure, their music styles might be miles apart, but these women all share work experience under the golden arches.
  • Bruno Mars – Today, Bruno Mars commands the stage with his sensual voice and dapper looks. He seemed destined to sweep an audience off its feet judging by his first onscreen appearance. Mars shook his hips, snarled his lips, and wore a blue studded jumpsuit in the 1992 comedy “Honeymoon in Vegas,” starring Nicolas Cage and Sarah Jessica Parker.

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