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Spring Slim Down – Week 1 Weigh-In

Jen Myers

Week 1 of our Spring Slim Down Challenge is over – finally! I don’t know about you, but every time I’ve tried to lose weight, the first week seems to go so slowly. But all my hard work paid off, as I not only avoided clipping Guy’s toenails (Kevin lost the least % of total weight, so he was the clipper), but I scored the greatest percentage of weight loss of anyone on the morning show (2.91% of my body weight!!!). I’m not celebrating too much, since we only have one week down and seven more to go…but I will allow myself a little victory dance!
A few of the things I learned from the first week:

EAT! – I probably ate more than anyone on the morning show last week. In fact, Guy kind of laughed at me like he knew I was going to lose when I ran out one day to grab lunch. I was never hungry last week. I actually ate a TON. But it’s what I ate that made a difference. I loaded up on fruits and veggies, and soup (broth-based, no heavy creams). Those things filled me up, so I could still have the stuff I love, like pizza and pasta, but just smaller portions.

WHOA CALORIES! -A couple of days into the weight loss challenge last week, I went to get on the scale, and could barely stand without my legs giving out from underneath me. It wasn’t because my legs were sore, it’s because I was weak. I stepped on the scale and saw that I had lost TOO MUCH weight (if that’s such a thing) in only a few days. People always say that breastfeeding burns calories (up to 500/day), and I didn’t believe them…until now! Burning those calories, plus the calories from working out that day, put me in the NEGATIVE calories column. And that’s not good.
I not only want to lose weight, but I want to keep it off, and I know that if I lose too much too soon that I’m either going to 1.) slow down my metabolism because my body will go into panic mode OR 2.) get so hungry that I’m going to fall off the wagon and binge on some food that’s bad for me. So I immediately upped my calories for each day, from 1200 to 1500.

I’m especially careful that – because I am breastfeeding – I’m doing this the natural way, with good old fashioned exercising and healthy eating. I can’t starve myself on this weight loss challenge. In fact, I’ve done just the opposite. Sunday night before my weigh in I decided to reward myself for eating so well all week and for working out five times that week. I let myself eat a Thin Mint cookie (scandal!) that the Girl Scouts dropped off at our house on Saturday. You have to still treat yourself every once in a while, even it it’s just one cookie!

I hope your weight loss is going well. We’re here for each other, so send me your weight loss victories and road bumps. Now let’s go get Week 2! Go Team Jen!!!

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