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Wednesday Rant: Girls That Don’t Like Other Women

Taylor J.

Thanks to an unnamed listener for her email for tonight’s Wednesday rant.

Here is the email:

Hey Taylor J.!

Here’s my rant.  I was at work today and I overheard a female co-worker telling a male co-worker that she felt like there were just too many women in our workplace and she would be more comfortable working somewhere with more guys because she just felt like she gets along better with guys.  Personally, with her personality, I would be surprised to find her getting along with people period.  But, anyway. . . it just irks me when I hear women say they don’t get along with other women.  We should be supportive of each other and not tear each other down. 


I agree!!!  I’m very leery of women who say they don’t get along well with other women.  Perhaps, it’s unresolved daddy issues or something, but there are definitely underlying issues with those that say that.  It has something to do with insecurity and a ridiculous need for attention.  Nonetheless, if you have those issues, I hope they can get resolved.  Girlfriends rock!  I have the best times of my life with my girlfriends!  We’re just as silly as the boys, and even raunchier, at times.  Seriously.

This reminds me of something Chelsea Handler did this week.  She appeared on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live and went off, yet again, on Angelina Jolie.  She said that Angelina is a “demon,” and “not a girl’s girl.  I like girl’s girls.”  She assured Andy Cohen that her rant had nothing to do with her bff, Jennifer Aniston, ex-wife of Angelina’s fiance, Brad Pitt.

If you have something you want to get off your chest, email me at TaylorJ@Y98.com for next Wednesday night’s “Wednesday Rant” at 8:10pm.




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