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Taylor J.

It’s no secret that everything about us feels better after a good workout.  The secret may be in consistency.  Workout forever and feel better forever.  New Canadian study researched the workout habits of happy and unhappy people throughout the course of fifteen years.  Essentially, the study revealed that happy people that kept working out stayed happy, unhappy people who started working out became happy and happy people who stopped working out became unhappy.

So, there you have it.  Not only will working out help you live longer, get or stay healthy, but will help your mental well-being.

No study was needed to prove this theory in my life.  Fifteen months ago, I was dragging in life.  I was crying all the time, tired, sluggish, anxious, just generally depressed and I didn’t know why.  People close to me urged me to seek medical attention.  I did go get a physical, but I didn’t want to seek mental health attention until I exercised (literally) all my options.  I knew I wasn’t taking good care of myself.  I wasn’t using my gym membership, I was surviving on fast food and little sleep.  I started working out and everything fell into place.  I had no trouble sleeping, I wasn’t tired, I was energized, I WANTED to eat right, and, TA DAAAAA – I was happy again.  🙂

So, sorry for the cliche, but just do it!  If you’re feeling a bit of the blues, just go to Club Fitness.  Get a $10 membership.  Ten dollars.  Go take Zumba.  You’ll smile.  You’ll feel better.  You may want to skip Taco Bell and opt for some fruit!!! (I always have a banana on hand in my house now for a quick snack)  Or better yet, the weather is going to be good this weekend, go to your favorite park and take a walk.  Next week, run part of your walk.  You’re gonna feel good.  Put together a playlist of your favorite songs and just walk around the neighborhood.  You’ll feel better.  I promise.

My two cents.  🙂




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