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Helping A Student Make A Career Decision

Jill Devine

For some reason, I have been asked to help a high school student make a career decision!  I feel so much pressure to say the right thing!  The student is Jamie and she is a Junior at Marquette High School.  She has been “shadowing” me all day.  I feel like I was honest with her and gave her the best advice that I could.  You know what, I’m going to let you hear from Jamie.  She’s going to share her experience with you.  Hopefully I didn’t scare her too much.  Here’s Jamie….

Hi! My name is Jamie Randazzo. I am a Junior at Marquette High School. I’m currently involved in the Partners in Education Career Shadowing program offered at my school. The reason for me being at the Y98 Radio Station was because I wasn’t really sure about what career path I wanted to follow, and Radio Broadcasting really caught my attention. I spent the day with Jill Devine to see what it’s like to be on the other end of the radio. She showed me what she has to go through everyday, and let me tell you there is a lot more to her job than I thought! I thought you would just talk a little bit, push some buttons, and you’re done… Of course I was wrong. I hope after you guys read this you’ll know that Jill has to work hard for the sake of our listening enjoyment. Jill has to meet with sponsors, organize proposals, schedule the music, prep what she needs to say to her listeners, and so much more. Not to mention that she has to deal with some weird callers… It was overwhelming at first seeing that this was not what I had expected a radio anchor would be doing. But she explained to me that through hard work and patience, all of the little aspects that are involved in Broadcasting would come together and just be a second nature. This day definitely convinced me to pursue a career in Radio Broadcasting, whether I do behind the scenes work with Business Management or I’m the voice of the station. I see myself taking courses at Marquette that would fall perfectly into what Radio Broadcasting is all about (things like DECA, Business Marketing, etc). I absolutely loved Career Shadowing Jill Devine, she was so nice! She happily answered my long list of questions and gave me helpful answers that are definitely going to come in handy. It was so cool sitting in the studio with her and watching her do her thing. Now when I listen to Y98 Radio I can say “I was there!” That may not be very exciting to you guys but it is to me!
Awwwe, how sweet is Jamie?!?!??!  I swear I did not pay her to say all those nice things about me!  All I want to do is help and if I have inspired to go in this business or go a different path, that makes me happy!
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