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Jen Myers’ Top 9 Morning Time Savers

Here’s my list of the Top 9 Morning Time Savers:

Waking up isn’t easy for anyone. My alarm goes off these days at 3:30 am, and every second counts before I get out the door. Here are some time savers that I found that I hope you can use!

1. Ironing: I used to stumble around the closet in the morning, try some outfits on, maybe even iron more than one. Now, I spend a half an hour or so over the weekend ironing a bunch of clothes. Store those clothes in a separate area, and you’re ready for week!

2. Blow out: I don’t have time to shower and fix my hair in the morning. Doing it all the night before easily saves me 30 minutes in the morning. Especially when I use an all-in-one hair brush/blow dryer like this one from John Frieda. All I have to do in the morning is run a brush through my hair, do a touch up or two, and I’m done.

(credit: johnfrieda.com)

(credit: johnfrieda.com)

3. Sleepy Time: Did you know there’s a website that will tell you the best time to go to sleep? It’s sleepyti.me and it works two different ways. First, you can enter when you need to wake up, and it will give you the best times to go to sleep, or you can do it in the reverse. It comes up with the best times based on how long the average sleep cycle is – that way your alarm doesn’t go off while you’re in a deep sleep. Brilliant, right? Now, if I could only get the baby to do this….

4. Coffee break: Can’t start the morning without caffeine? I like my coffee to be ready before my feet even touch the ground in the morning. My coffee maker has to have a programmable timer. It can even grind whole beans for you (or you can turn that feature off if they’re already ground).

(credit: cuisinart.com)

(credit: cuisinart.com)

5. Drink some water: Your alarm just went off, and you need a boost of energy (before that caffeine kicks in). Drinking a large glass of water will help wake your body up.

6. Lay out your outfit: Your clothes are ironed, now you can lay out everything the night before. I even put out my shoes and accessories.  I store everything in the bathroom downstairs, so I can get dressed without waking everyone up.

(credit: sxc.hu)

(credit: sxc.hu)

7. Getting the kids ready: My husband goes into single-parent formation as soon as I leave the house in the morning. I’m out the door before the kids are awake, so I try to help him by setting things out for our 3-year-old. He likes to do things himself, so I pour his milk in a sippy cup that goes back into the fridge, I set out a muffin on the counter, and we have his clothes picked out the night before. He’ll get himself dressed and eat his breakfast while my husband gets ready. I store banana muffins in the freezer that I make ahead of time. I use this great banana bread recipe, but I used muffin tins. Instead of baking it for an hour, I usually pop them in the oven for 25 minutes, or until they’re done. They only take 15 seconds to warm up in the microwave (when I set them one on the counter for a few hours, it’s usually good).

8. Breakfast-to-go: Breakfast is one of my favorite meals of the day, but I hate starting the day with dirty dishes. I also don’t have a ton of time to spend making breakfast. My solution? Make-ahead breakfasts that can be heated up once I get to work. Lately I’ve been addicted to Blueberry Baked Oatmeal. I also found a great recipe to make your own sausage egg & cheese sandwiches.

(credit: sohowsittaste.com)

(credit: sohowsittaste.com)

9. While you were sleeping: Y98 can catch you up on everything, naturally. But I also have a great app on my phone that reads my Twitter feed to me in the morning while I’m running around. The Social Radio is the name of the app, and it’s free on iTunes.

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