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Jill Devine

Happy Valentine’s Day!  It seems that every Valentine’s Day, I read an article about random Valentine’s Day facts.  I always find the facts interesting, so I thought I would share with you.

  1. The number one thing single people want to do on Valentine’s Day is hang out with their pets.  The second thing is eat dinner alone.  – I am shocked that number two is eating alone.  I would think it would be something like … go out with friends and get drunk.
  2. 73% of men say that if they watch a romantic comedy tonight, they’re doing it because it will lead to sex. – Ummmmm, doesn’t that apply to EVERY time a man decides to watch a romantic comedy?
  3. People are twice as likely to get engaged on Valentine’s Day as any other day of the year. – I’m not knocking any engagements that happen today, but isn’t it a little too expected and unoriginal?
  4. Today is also National Donor Day. – And what does that have to do with Valentine’s Day?
  5. If you’re trying to make a reservation on OpenTable and the restaurant you want is booked, try calling.  OpenTable charges restaurants $1 for each reservation, so sometimes they don’t put all of their available slots on the site. – I have never heard of OpenTable and what’s the benefit to me to go there?

Whatever you do today/tonight, have fun and be safe!  Happy Valentine’s Day!!!


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