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Grammy Gossip

Jill Devine

I look forward to the Grammys every year.  I was especially excited last night because it marked the return of my Hollywood Boyfriend, Justin Timberlake!  Of course I LOVED his performance!!!  I actually though many of the performances were great.  There seemed to be some sound issues with a couple of the performances, but not enough to ruin it for me.

This morning, all of the gossip sites were talking about the Grammys.  Anything from fashion, to the parties, to what some celebs were saying to other celebs.  Here are a couple of stories I thought I would share with you:

*Justin Timberlake told E! News that he is “definitely” taking his upcoming album “The 20/20 Experience” on the road.  Justin said “I don’t know how much I should say.  It’s going to be a lot of fun!”  YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Adele told Rolling Stone that she is in the early stages of making her third album.  Adele said “I’ve been in LA the whole time since the Globes and I’ll be here till the Oscars.  So, I’m having lots of meetings, but I’ve been out of the loop really.  In other Adele news, there are a number of photos surfacing of her and Chris Brown talking, but some are saying she is shouting at him for his disrespectful behavior when Frank Ocean won a Grammy.  (Everyone gave Frank a standing ovation except Chris)  I hope Adele yelled at Chris.  It would have been awesome to witness.

*The necklace that Carrie Underwood wore last night was $31 million!!!!!  It was an oval, pear, marquise and white diamond necklace and it was 381 carats!!!!  She told E!, “It’s heavy on my soul.  I’m afraid someone is going to tackle me and steal it.  It’s worth more than me.”  If I wore something like that, I guarantee it would break on me or I would end up ruining it somehow.

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