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The Best (And The Worst) Of Yesterday’s Super Bowl Commercials

No Super Bowl commercial this year could match the bizarre spectacle of waiting half an hour for the power to come back on at the Superdome. But some of the ads DID make an impression.

Here’s a look at the BEST, the WORST, and the REST.


#1.) Taco Bell’s “Viva Young” commercial was a lot of people’s favorite. It had the old people breaking out of a nursing home, partying all night, and acting like young people. (But setting it to a SPANISH version of “We are Young” by Fun was kinda distracting.)

#2.) Oreo had a good moment with the commercial about people getting into a huge BRAWL in the library . . . while whispering the whole time. But they REALLY cashed in during the blackout.
–When the lights went out at the Superdome, they whipped up an image for their Twitter that said, quote, “You can still dunk in the dark.” That FREE tweet got way more publicity than their EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE ad.

#3.) One of the ads that got EVERYONE talking was the GoDaddy.com commercial where BAR REFAELI made out with a nerdy guy. It was a LONG make out with EXTREME close-ups. Love it or hate it . . . you REMEMBER it.

#4.) There’s a loose definition of “edgy” when it comes to Super Bowl ads. But the Gildan’s ad pushed the line, where a guy wakes up after a one-night stand with fuzzy handcuffs and tries to take his favorite t-shirt back off of a woman as he sneaks out.

#5.) Anheuser-Busch mostly flopped. Their ads for Budweiser Black Crown and Bud Light were incredibly forgettable, and the Black Crown one in the coveted first spot started the night with a big ‘meh.’
But their annual Clydesdale ad was a great exercise in emotional manipulation. A man reuniting with the horse he raised? We’re not made of stone.

(That horse ad was named this year’s TOP commercial according to “USA Today’s” Ad Meter system, which is a “real-time consumer ranking of Super Bowl commercials.” Here’s more info on that, along with the Top 5.)

#6.) Ram took a page out of Chrysler’s playbook. Like Chrysler’s “Made In Detroit” ads that got a ton of love, Ram took the serious route. Instagram-style images of Americana and farmers AND PAUL HARVEY narrating? YES.

#7.) We dug Tide’s commercial about a 49ers fan who gets a stain on his jersey that looks like JOE MONTANA. It told a full story with a beginning, middle, and end, which is pretty tough to do in a short Super Bowl commercial.

#8.) Even though this was sort of spoiled by being released online, the Mercedes ad featuring a guy almost selling his soul to Willem Dafoe to get a Benz and a date with Kate Upton was good. Plus, it was good publicity for a new under-$30,000 Benz.

#9.) Samsung hired Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen for an ad where they fight over who should get the gig. If it wasn’t for their talent, their fake argument would’ve flopped.

#10.) Another favorite was the Audi ad, with the kid going stag to his prom in his dad’s Audi then kissing the prom queen, getting clocked by the prom king, and speeding off. Although we’re not sure what kind of message it sent?

#11.) If you’re a sucker for Dorito-eating goats, than you probably liked the ad where the guy buys a pet goat that turns on him when he stops feeding it Doritos. It was classic Super Bowl ad stupidity, but a lot of people thought it was funny.

#12.) Go Daddy also had a hit with the ad where guys in EVERY culture think they’ve hit on a sweet idea that only THEY could come up with. But only the rich jerk on the private jet at the end actually did anything about it.

The Bad

#1.) Amazingly, E*TRADE trotted out their stupid talking baby AGAIN. I mean, BlackBerry had an ad in the Super Bowl, and yet E-Trade STILL managed to be the company that’s most egregiously living in the past.

#2.) Wonderful Pistachios pulled out PSY for a “Gangnam Style” parody ad. In this era, fads don’t last that long. “Gangnam Style” already passed through its “parodies are funny” window. Now it’s just old news.

#3.) Are you a sucker for BLACKSTREET’s “No Diggity”? What if it’s a smooth cover, by an animated fish? That was the ad for Beck’s Sapphire beer. Are you more likely to try it now?

The Rest

#1.) Calvin Klein decided to have a generic, artistically-lit German male model gyrate around in underwear for 30 seconds. That’s called not knowing your audience. Or maybe not, what did the women at YOUR Super Bowl party think?

#2.) Kia ran an ad that featured an attractive female robot beating the hell out of a guy for touching a Kia.

#3.) A lot of ads started strong, like the Hyundai ad where the kid rounds up his buddies for a game of touch football against some bullies. But it didn’t really stick the landing.

#4.) Same with Toyota’s idea for the Rav 4 Genie, with KALEY CUOCO from “The Big Bang Theory” as a genie who grants wishes. It would have been better if she misinterpreted ALL of the wishes she tried to grant, instead of just the dad’s.

#5.) The Bud Light series of ads with STEVIE WONDER doing “Superstition” had a cool New Orleans voodoo vibe . . . but they’ve been doing that campaign about fans with superstitions for a while now.

#6.) What about the commercial where THE ROCK had to put off saving the world, while he picked up more milk for some kids? Replace him with CHUCK NORRIS, and you’ve got a PERFECT Super Bowl commercial.

#7.) Coke went all out with that thing about a race in the desert between cowboys, showgirls, and some biker dudes from “Mad Max”. But did anyone care?

CLICK HERE to see ANY or ALL of yesterday’s Super Bowl commercials.

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