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Jill Devine

The holidays are quickly approaching.  The other night, Brian and I were talking about our Christmas decorations, specifically the tree.  This will be Apple’s first Christmas with us and we think she may get into the tree.  She’s a little bit of a diva and likes to explore where she shouldn’t explore.  So, we may have to put a baby gate around the tree.  Hopefully we are proven wrong!

Our discussion made me think about Apple a little more and how this is her first year with us for all holiday celebrations.  I found a great article on Yahoo! about safety tips for pets around the holidays.

Here are some tips from yahoo.com:

Holiday Dinners

Many of the food items we eat can be toxic to dogs and cats.

* Raisins in the stuffing can cause kidney failure in dogs.

* Alcohol is toxic, so a spilled glass of wine can be very dangerous.

* Leftover turkey can be dangerous if it contains bits of bone, which can splinter and get lodged in their throats.

* Other foods that can be toxic are grapes, onions, chocolate, raw bread dough, avocados, and macadamia nuts.

Dinner Guests

In addition to food, the holidays are for family and friends.  As nice as it is for us to be surrounded by the ones we love, it can pose risks for our pets. Both children and adults, who are not familiar with your pets, can impose unintentional dangers.

* Doors that are left open as guests frequently go in and out can allow your pet to escape unnoticed.

* Children who are unaccustomed to handling your pets can cause them harm, or even to bite or scratch out of fear.

* Guests may not be aware how harmful table scraps can be for your pets and not realize the potential danger in sharing their dinner.

Excitement and Stress

Our pets can become stressed just like us. If the house is full of guests, adding to the hustle and bustle of the day, pets can become frightened or over-stimulated. This often leads to bad behavior which your pet may not normally exhibit.

* Be sure everyone knows the rules. Brief the children with their parents present so everyone understands the importance of being careful around the pets.

* If you are to not able to gate off an area to keep your pet from escaping through an open door, it might be best to secure them in another room, away from all the action.

Hopefully the above will help alleviate some stress for you during the holidays when it comes to your pet.


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