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Taylor J.

Exsqueeze me, what?!  Yeah, you read the headline correctly.  Chris Brown is sporting a brand new tattoo on his neck.  It’s the image of a woman with a split lip and black eye.  Hmmm. . .those injuries sound mighty familiar, don’t they?

His rep denies that the tattoo is the image of a battered woman nor is it Rihanna.  The story they are going with is that it happens to be a MAC cosmetics image that Chris likes, so he took a drawing of it to a tattoo artist.  It’s, apparently, a drawing that goes along with the Mexican celebration of the Day of the Dead.

Ummm.  Ok.  Does he understand why, despite enjoying the image, it is not a great idea – especially to get it tattooed to YOUR FREAKING NECK??????????

This is so Chris Brown typical.  Remember when he was doing interviews to promote his post-Rihanna album?  Yeah, that went well.  He’s trying to tell the media he’s a changed person and ends up throwing a chair through a window at the ABC studios.

Chris, dude, FIRE YOUR HANDLERS!!!!!  They are laughing at you!  But, hey, Rihanna still loves you.

Oy vay!  Kids these days. . .


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