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Lady Gaga Airbrushed Beyond Recognition for “Vogue”

Jen Myers

Lady Gaga sings that you should accept who you are because you were “Born This Way”, but her latest photo shoot for “Vogue” sends a different message.

Women, and especially young girls, are always so critical of their appearance. I can see a lot of them looking at the cover of “Vogue” and wishing that they could look like Lady Gaga does. Problem is, Lady Gaga is probably saying the same thing, since she looked nothing like that during the photo shoot.

Behind-the-scenes video has emerged from Lady Gaga’s “Vogue” shoot, and when you look at the video next to the airbrushed “Vogue” cover, Gaga looks almost unrecognizable.

While many magazines use airbrushing, this cover illustrated airbrushing to the EXTREME, with a pencil-thin waist and legs in a Marc Jacobs mermaid dress.

See the airbrushed cover and what Lady Gaga REALLY looked like here

Many people seem to be outraged over this cover, and hopefully if enough people speak out about it, “Vogue” will change its ways. If you’ve read “Devil Wears Prada”, you know that probably won’t happen with Anna Wintour at the helm.

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