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Katy Perry Could Be Facing An Indecency Charge

Jill Devine

How could this be?  Katy Perry facing an indecency charge!?!?!  What the heck happened?

Here’s the story:

Katy could face an indecency charge in India for getting too close to a cricket player on stage.  During a show for the Indian Premier League opening, Katy brought up an Australian cricket player to demonstrate how to hold a bat.  The cricket player used the microphone as an example and placed his arms around Katy.  Well, one lawyer in attendance didn’t like what he saw, so he filed a complaint.  “The Sun” is reporting that the lawyer said he was “acting on the public’s behalf” and that the show’s opening was “obscene and lascivious.”  He went on to say that the act “distracted students who were writing exams at the time”.  No charges have been filed yet and the case will go before an Indian court on July 31st.

Ok, I am totally confused.  What were students doing at the show if they were trying to write exams?  AND the demonstration of how to hold a bat was “obscene and lascivious”?????  This dude needs to check out a Lady Gaga or Madonna show and then he will know what “obscene and lascivious” really is.  Such a joke and Katy has my support on this one!

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