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In their hit single, “We Are Young,” fun.detail a night out with friends that is full of irresponsible, apologies and drunken antics. In particular the lyrics, “So if by the time the bar closes/And you feel like falling down/I’ll carry you home tonight” make for an attention grabbing, sweet closing to the track.

But on a true drunken night out, the guys revealed to CBS Local who holds their hair back. And that their truly drunken nights out are few and far between.

“I think that it was, I feel like it was a solo effort,” singer Nate Ruess said when asked who holds his hair when he vomits after a night of alcohol-infused hijinks. “I feel like I locked the bathroom door behind me. Anybody else?”

Mulit-instrumentalist Andrew Dost dodged the question and insisted, “I’ve never locked myself in anywhere.”

Prompting guitarist Jack Antonoff to rib him, “You went to college, you must have gotten so drunk that you did something.”

“I didn’t drink until I was out of college,” Dost protested. “I didn’t drink until I was 22.”

Clearly, once he started, it was a barn burner. You don’t need science to tell you that drinking, especially binge drinking, can lead to poor decision making. Although various scientific studies find that it does impair cognitive skills among teens. Informal studies show it can be linked to common bad ideas like drunk texting, remarkable hangovers and repeated yelling of the word “WOOOO!”

It can also lead to some deep conversations laden with bad advice between friends. Of course, we asked the guys in fun. what the worst advice they’ve ever gotten was. The guys agreed on one thing.

“You can sleep when you’re dead. Ridiculous,” said Antonoff.

“You should still sleep, regardless,” agreed Ruess.

“You gotta sleep to live,” elaborated Antonoff.

Science agrees with that. Harvard Med’s Healthy Sleep site insists sleeping is on-par for your body with eating, drinking and breathing.

And, no matter what bad advice or jokes Dost shares with you, never keep a wasp as a pet. When they sting, it is very uncomfortable.

-Courtney E. Smith, CBS Local


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