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Taylor J.

Aaron Collins of Lexington, Kentucky passed away on Saturday, just weeks after turning 30.  His family has set up a website in his honor at www.aaroncollins.org to help fund some of his wishes.  Aaron had written up a will, in his own words.  He wanted any money he had to go to his parents to pay back money he owed them.  Then, he requested, that if there was any money left over that the family should leave a big tip for a waiter or waitress.  He was asking that the family just go get a simple meal, like a pizza, and leave a $500 tip.

The other night, the family went to a local pizza joint and did just that.  They video taped the entire scene.  Pretty cool.

The family says Aaron was all about random acts of kindness.  Once, he received terrible service, but still left a $50 tip for the server.  The family set up the website because they are trying to get donations to go out and do more random acts of kindness.  They also encourage others to do the same. . . in Aaron’s honor.

Not bad, if in death, you can make the world a better place.





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