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Whitney Houston Vs. Stacy Francis = News About The X-Factor

109041495 Whitney Houston Vs. Stacy Francis = News About The X Factor

So, I just found out that Janet Jackson may be considering the X-Factor (see the next blog). Now, it’s been revealed that Whitney Houston was offered a role on the X-Factor.

My favorite contestant, aside from all her crying and make up running down her face, on the first season of the US version of the X-Factor was Stacey Francis. She was over 40, but she could sing! She’s amazing. She was at the same party last week where Whitney Houston made her last public appearance. There is a rumor that Stacey and Whitney got into an altercation over Ray J., but Stacey set the record straight.

The gist of it is that Whitney and Stacey met and got along great. A couple hours later, Whitney ran into her again and acted like she didn’t know who she was and didn’t think she should be in her VIP area and kind of pushed her out of the way. This makes sense considering Whitney was probably drinking heavily, as is rumored. Stacey explained that they had met earlier and Whitney offered up an apology.

When they were on friendly terms, Whitney told her that she looked familiar. Stacey explained that she was on the X-Factor. Whitney said, “I was offered the X-Factor.” Stacey asked her if she was going to accept the offer. Whitney replied, “I’m considering it.”

Man. Could you imagine Whitney and Janet on the same show??? It would be like my childhood dream coming true. And like 1987 all over again. But, that’s ok. 1987 was a good year.


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  1. Joanne says:

    Ok so it sounds like the X factor girl Stacy was all up in her face and Whitney got tired of it. Stacy should have said hi and kept it moving but instead she hasseled the woman for 2 hours and then WHitney forgot who she was. Which is very common for celebs since they come in contact with people with the same story every 20 seconds. I have spent 3 whole days in broad daylight working on a movie with Adam Sandler, he knew my name, approved my wardrobe and I talked to him all through hair and make up as we were getting it done together for the same scene. less than 1 month later different set, different movie, he did not even remember me or the scene. He barely remmebered the movie title and then asked me which state did I film with him in? At that point I gave up and left the man alone. They clearly are very busy people that are working on mulitple thing and see way too many different people. Whitney probabaly just forgot who she was. But I worked with Whitney too as a child and she was fun, l only remember good things about her. She never hit me in th ehead, only hugs and laughter.

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