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What Your Lips Say About You

lips print 240 What Your Lips Say About You

Phillips & Company discuss the personality traits behind your lip prints…And then Guy and Kevin end up kissing…Seriously.

Click here to find out more at lipsology.com.

Just like fingerprints, everybody has their own LIP PRINT.  If you don’t know what a lip print is, just imagine a girl kissing a napkin and leaving an imprint of her lipstick behind.  That’s a lip print.

— Here’s what YOUR lips might be saying about YOU . . .

–If the outside border of your lip print is ROUND OR OVAL, it means you avoid conflict and try to make sure everyone’s always happy.

–If your lip print is more of a DIAMOND shape, the founder of Lipsology.com says you’re more likely to be successful, and proud of your accomplishments.

–If your lip print has a THIN UPPER LIP, you’re picky, detail-oriented, and well-organized.  If it has THIN BOTTOM LIP, you’re good with numbers and statistics.

–On the other hand, if you have a FULL UPPER LIP, you’re probably a good listener, and if you have a FULL BOTTOM LIP, you’re more likely to be entertaining.

–If it looks SOLID IN COLOR, like you pressed down hard, it means you’re energetic.  And if it looks LIGHT IN COLOR you’re tired and you need to relax.

–And finally, if your bottom lip has a “V” INDENTATION, it means you’re romantic.  And if the border of your lips is WAVY, you’re more likely to be artistic.  (lipsology.com)


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